Babylon A.D. Review

Babylon A.D. did happen; it is not just a dream. The sci-fi drama stars Vin Diesel as a mercenary, hired to protect a young girl that has hidden in a Mongolian temple for all of her natural life. The young woman’s name is Aurora (played by Melanie Thierry), and she has an ability to know the future. Her power is never explained, but she does use this power by figuring out that there was going to be an explosion on a train. She saved them by telling her protector and Diesel to run from the train, thus she saved them.

The plot of this movie was spotty, although the actors give a very good performance. The story is sometimes religious, sometimes action, and sometimes a mobster movie. The movie never figured itself out. It could be that the movie could have been longer, it is difficult to say that, because many of the action films that are out are too long.

The choppiness of the plot makes it a good candidate for a short television series. The group could go through Russia, but instead of just giving coordinates where the main characters are at you could display signs telling the viewer where the group is. Also instead of just jumping into a different spot, the characters could actually travel to the different places they are going to, and the dangers that the group will encounter, then the viewer will have an interest in the characters running across Russia.

There was also a difficulty at the beginning because the characters except for Diesel were speaking Russian and there were not any subtitles. It makes it rather difficult for the viewer to follow exactly why Diesel is upset with anyone when he is the only one that can understand them. He could have been in a room answering him and it would have been just as entertaining.

Babylon A.D. was not an entertaining movie. It was a confusing movie with some action (some parkour stuff) thrown in places. The writers did try to give the actors a chance to lighten things up a little but like this entire movie it was out of place. If you were looking for a specific genre film to watch this movie is not for you. if you are up in the middle of the night and would like to watch something this movie could be the movie you would want to see. Hopefully, when someone decides to remake this movie for a third time they can make it a better movie.  They can even use the same actors, we can only hope.